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Bernhard Capital Partners Management, LP (“Bernhard Capital”), a services-focused private equity management firm, has acquired the Engineering Testing Services family of companies. Along with two additional infrastructure management companies, Moreland Altobelli Associates and PAVETEX Engineering and Engineering Testing Services, the three businesses form Atlas Technical Consultants (“Atlas”).

This combination has created one of the largest project delivery (construction and program management) firms in the United States. The combined company has more than 30 offices in 11 states and more than 1,000 employees. Major offices include: Atlanta, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Salt Lake City, Boise, Portland and Honolulu. Atlas will provide public and private sector clients with comprehensive support in managing large-scale infrastructure improvement programs including engineering, design, program development/management, acquisition and project control services, as well as construction engineering & inspection and materials testing.

Consolidated Engineering Laboratories (CEL)

is a leader in providing quality materials testing, and construction inspection services. With corporate headquarters in San Ramon and full-service facilities in Oakland, Santa Rosa and Sacramento, California, CEL’s testing and inspection agency is the largest in Northern California with unequaled resources and capabilities. CEL is also located in Salt Lake City, Utah as well as Maui and Honolulu, Hawaii.


The ETS Family of Companies includes:

Atlas Technical Consultants is a world-class organization of over 1,000 people in over 30 offices. Dedicated to creating lasting infrastructure, Atlas Technical Consultants is uniquely connected to the communities we serve. Our family of companies has over 80 years of collective experience. Atlas’ services have grown to include everything from design, construction engineering, construction management to materials testing and land acquisition services.
Geosphere was created to deepen and enhance our engineering capabilities and add additional professional consulting services including Environmental Management and Engineering Geology. Our professional Engineers, Geologists, and Environmental Scientists have a wide range of experience in numerous sectors. Geosphere Consultants, Inc. with offices throughout California, is an independent company within the Engineering Testing Services (ETS) Family of Companies. Geosphere Consultants Inc. was created in 2007 as an extension and growth of the previous 10 years of Consolidated Engineering Laboratories Geotechnical Engineering Division.

CEL Consulting provides innovative solutions to construction problems, as well as quality control testing and inspection for construction material manufacturers around the world. CEL Consulting is headquartered in Oakland, CA.

The United-Heider Inspection Group is capable of performing all aspects of Geotechnical Engineering, Materials Testing and Special Inspection Services. With offices in Ontario, Moreno Valley and Orange County and full service state of the art laboratory facilities, they are able to provide service on construction projects throughout the entire Southern California Region.

Materials Testing & Inspection, Inc. (MTI) provides a full range of environmental, geotechnical engineering, and materials inspection and testing services. Headquartered in Boise, ID, MTI offers services from ten offices in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.


Since 1976, Consolidated Engineering Laboratories (CEL) has built a distinguished history and an impeccable record providing quality assurance, material testing and special inspection, and geotechnical engineering for many of the landmark projects that have been constructed in the western United States. We are a company built upon a solid foundation of our core principles, which drive each of our employees to achieve to a higher standard; not only for CEL but for the entire industry. 

CEL has evolved into full-service materials engineering company providing specialized advanced engineering materials consultation and research and development. From foundation design and environmental remediation through our affiliate, Geosphere Consultants, CEL draws on its solid engineering strength and background to help solve problems for public agencies, private developers and contractors and engineers to help facilitate construction projects throughout the western United States. 

Our facilities are strategically located in northern California, Hawaii, and Utah. Our nearly 300 employees are driven to call you by that most esteemed of titles, CLIENT.
“We are empowered to safely provide quality service at a profitable level making professional decisions based on integrity and mutual satisfaction.”
Since 1976, Consolidated Engineering Laboratories has been providing engineering and materials testing services to the construction industry. We view our role as helping the construction team achieve their objective, which means a project built on time in accordance with the plans and specifications and with the quality intended by the design team. Each of our nearly 300 employees operates within the framework of our core values:
 Integrity & Honesty
Our word is as good as gold. We are judged by our words and deeds as we honor our commitments.
Safety decisions impact the lives of our employees and their families. Returning home safely each day is our greatest responsibility.
By standing shoulder to shoulder and working together we achieve our goals and dreams both in our professional and personal lives. We value and respect the contributions of each team member.
Knowledge and training are key to success. We strengthen our team members and serve our clients through the ongoing communication of information and experience.
Our product is Quality. We are each responsible and accountable to be consistent and accurate in every task to assure that quality is never compromised.
 Financial Stability
Profit is the financial benchmark of success. It is vital for our company's survival and growth, allowing for reinvestment in our future. We are committed to provide a service that is unparalleled in the industry and are constantly seeking to improve ourselves in order to serve you better.