"CEL provided an experienced and seasoned project team with extensive experience at the University of California Seismic Retrofit projects."
Bob Fox, University of California Berkeley
About Us
“We are empowered to safely provide quality service at a profitable level making
professional decisions based on integrity and mutual satisfaction.”
Since 1976, Consolidated Engineering Laboratories has been providing engineering and materials testing services to the construction industry. We view our role as helping the construction team achieve their objective, which means a project built on time in accordance with the plans and specifications and with the quality intended by the design team. Each of our 270 employees operates within the framework of our core values:
Integrity & Honesty
Our word is as good as gold. We are judged by our words and deeds as we honor our commitments.
Safety decisions impact the lives of our employees and their families. Returning home safely each day is our greatest responsibility.
By standing shoulder to shoulder and working together we achieve our goals and dreams both in our professional and personal lives. We value and respect the contributions of each team member.
Knowledge and training are key to success. We strengthen our team members and serve our clients through the ongoing communication of information and experience.
Our product is Quality. We are each responsible and accountable to be consistent and accurate in every task to assure that quality is never compromised.
Financial Stability
Profit is the financial benchmark of success. It is vital for our company's survival and growth, allowing for reinvestment in our future. We are committed to provide a service that is unparalleled in the industry and are constantly seeking to improve ourselves in order to serve you better.